With this page, we aim to highlight the most interesting research works published by Nature Communications in the broad topic of energy. Our ultimate goal is to stimulate debate in the multiple fields where energy is the core.


Long Chen (@LoganChen88)

Long has a background in surface science and heterogeneous catalysis. As an editor, he handles manuscripts across the whole of heterogeneous catalysis, and part of photocatalysis papers dealing with CO2 conversion and organic synthesis.

Prateek Dongare (@prateek_zz)

Prateek has a background in homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis, artificial photosynthesis, and mechanistic photochemistry. Prateek handles papers dealing with fundamental and mechanistic insights of energy materials.

Sebastian Mueller

Sebastian has a background in volcanology and geophysics. His editorial responsibility ranges across the entire solid earth sciences, hydrology and planetary sciences.


Eric Piechota

Eric has a background in physical and inorganic chemistry, in particular in solar energy conversion and spectroscopy. Eric handles papers relevant to photo- and electrocatalysis and energy conversion and storage.

Melissa Plail

Melissa has a background in volcanology and geology. As an editor her interests range across the breadth of all of the Earth Sciences from geology to climate through to environmental social science.


Mo Qiao (@MoQiao_UK)

Mo has a background in chemical engineering and materials science. Her research experience includes electrocatalysis and analysis of materials for energy storage. Mo handles manuscripts in batteries, supercapacitors, fuel cells, and the broad energy storage field.

Rinaldo Raccichini (@TheTallManCome)

Rinaldo has a background in electrochemistry and energy storage materials. He is interested in advancements in metal and metal-ion batteries, supercapacitors and hybrid devices. Rinaldo handles manuscripts in the area of electrochemical energy storage.

Sara Renfrew

Sara has a background in aqueous and non-aqueous electrochemistry. Her research experience includes Li-ion and Li-air batteries, electrochemical carbon dioxide capture and reduction, and aqueous alkaline chemistries. She handles manuscripts related to batteries and supercapacitors.

Adam Weingarten (@AS_Weingarten)

Adam has a background in artificial photosynthesis, supramolecular materials chemistry, and inorganic polyoxoanions. Adam handles papers exploring materials with photocatalytic and electrocatalytic applications, including water splitting and solar-to-fuel conversion.

Ronghuan Zhang

Ronghuan has a background in inorganic materials and electrocatalysis. Ronghuan handles papers on materials for catalysis including nitrogen reduction and carbon dioxide reduction, as well as nanogenerators including triboelectric nanogenerators.