Cell death

Controlling cell death is crucial for the maintenance of organismal homeostasis, as both increased and insufficient cell death, and/or the elimination of dead cells, can have adverse effects on health. There are different modes of cell death, regulated and non-regulated. The Reviews in this series discuss our current understanding of the different cell death mechanisms; their crosstalk and interaction with other cellular pathways; their roles in physiology and human disease; and the potential of modulating cell death for therapeutic purposes.

Yin yang of cell death

Article series explore a specific theme and comprise commissioned Reviews, Perspectives and Comments that are published consecutively over a period of time.

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Molecular ageing
Started 2019

Cell death
Started 2019

Translation and protein quality control
Started 2017

Metabolic signalling
Started 2017

RNA processing and modifications
Started 2016

Adult stem cells
Started 2015

Technologies and techniques
Started 2014

Cell death and autophagy
2013 -- 2018

DNA damage
Started 2012

Post-translational modifications
Started 2011