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150 years of Nature

The first issue of Nature was published in November 1869. That makes 2019 our 150th anniversary year. The history of Nature mirrors how science and its role in society have changed over that time. Here, we are collecting articles that reflect the past, present and future of Nature, as well as that of the global research community we serve.

A Review of advances in memory-editing techniques in humans suggests that these techniques are advancing beyond science fiction and could hold promise for translation into clinical practice.

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This Perspective discusses the challenges associated with the prediction of chemical synthesis, in particular the reaction conditions required for organic transformations, and the role of machine-learning approaches in the prediction process.

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Understanding the behaviour of the machines powered by artificial intelligence that increasingly mediate our social, cultural, economic and political interactions is essential to our ability to control the actions of these intelligent machines, reap their benefits and minimize their harms.

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In the 150 years since the first issue was published, Nature has evolved alongside the research community it serves. We hope to continue to grow in the years to come.

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