Nature, 391, 6663 (supplement) (8 January 1998)

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Selected papers from 1997 issues of Nature.



Making light work

K. Ziemelis

A shining light, fifty years on

T. Izawa


Review articles

Review article

Photonic crystals: putting a new twist on light

J. D. Joannopoulos, P. R. Villeneuve, S. Fan

Nature 386, 143—149 (13 March 1997) doi:10.1038/386143a0

Review article

Nitride-based semiconductors for blue and green light-emitting devices

F. A. Ponce, D. P. Bour

Nature 386, 351—359 (27 March 1997) doi:10.1038/386351a0


Design and synthesis of chromophores and polymers for electro-optic and photorefractive applications

S. R. Marder, B. Kippelen, A. K.-Y. Jen, N. Peyghambarian

Nature 388, 845—851 (28 August 1997) doi:10.1038/42190




Measurement of the quantum states of squeezed light

G. Breitenbach, S. Schiller, J. Mlynek

Nature 387, 471—475 (29 May 1997) doi:10.1038/387471a0


Laser action by tuning the oscillator strength

J. Faist et al.

Nature 387, 777—782 (19 June 1997) doi:10.1038/42872


Letters to nature

Letters to nature

Ray and wave chaos in asymmetric resonant optical cavities

J. U. Nöckel, A. D. Stone

Nature 385, 45—47 (2 January 1997) doi:10.1038/385045a0

Letters to nature

Quantum cryptography on multiuser optical fibre networks

P. D. Townsend

Nature 385, 47—49 (2 January 1997) doi:10.1038/385047a0

Letters to nature

Self-trapping of incoherent white light

M. Mitchell, M. Segev

Nature 387, 880—883 (26 June 1997) doi:10.1038/43136

Letters to nature

Laser action in organic semiconductor waveguide and double-heterostructure devices

V. G. Kozlov, V. Bulović, P. E. Burrows, S. R. Forrest

Nature 389, 362—364 (25 September 1997) doi:10.1038/38693

Letters to nature

Photonic-bandgap microcavities in optical waveguides

J. S. Foresi et al.

Nature 390, 143—145 (13 November 1997) doi:10.1038/36514

Letters to nature

Controlling the sign of quantum interference by tunnelling from quantum wells

J. Faist et al.

Nature 390, 589—591 (11 December 1997) doi:10.1038/37562

Letters to nature

Localization of light in a disordered medium

D. S. Wiersma, P. Bartolini, A. Lagendijk, R. Righini

Nature 390, 671—673 (18 December 1997) doi:10.1038/37757



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