Blood biomarkers in breast cancer

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Identification and validation of non-invasive blood biomarkers open new perspectives on breast cancer diagnosis, treatment and follow-up. These biomarkers, which range from small fragmented single DNA molecule to circulating cell clusters, are commonly referred to as “liquid biopsy”. Their development has been first driven by technological progresses in both sequencing and microfluidics, while the use of artificial intelligence is now helping move forward large dataset and multi-omics analyses. The implementation into the clinics remains a long issue for most biomarkers, with a balance to be kept between formal by-the-book lengthy randomized clinical trials versus a direct implementation with no demonstrated clinical utility. We welcome in this collection of npj Breast Cancer original articles, perspectives, and reviews addressing these key technological and clinical aspects applied to blood biomarkers in breast cancer.

This Collection supports and amplifies research related to SDG 3. 

Image of two vials: one test tube filled with blood, one syringe filled with blood. The test tube contains an artistic representation of DNA.