Dietary interventions for cardiometabolic health

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With the continued rise in cardiometabolic diseases worldwide comes an intense research effort for identifying the most effective strategies to tackle this public health issue, in part through the modification of lifestyle factors, such as the diet. 

The editors at Nature Metabolism, in collaboration with the editors from Nature Communications,npj Metabolic Health and Disease and Scientific Reports invite submissions of original primary research papers that focus on preclinical and clinical (interventional or observational) studies assessing dietary patterns and interventions for improving cardiometabolic health. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, caloric restriction, time-restricted feeding, fasting-mimicking diets, as well as maternal diets and their impact on the offspring. We also welcome submissions aiming to better understand the interactions between diet and the gut microbiome, diet-gene interactions, and personalized nutrition.

This is a joint Collection across Nature MetabolismNature Communications, npj Metabolic Health and Disease and Scientific Reports. Please see the relevant journal webpages to check which article types the journals consider. When preparing your submission, please refer to the relevant journal guidelines. 

Please note that for clinical studies, the journals follow the recommendations from the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) and the Enhancing the QUAlity and Transparency Of health Research (EQUATOR) Network.

Nature Metabolism and npj Metabolic Health and Disease welcome original articles, reviews, perspectives and comments. Nature Communications and Scientific Reports will only consider original research articles.


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