Communications Physics first year anniversary collection

Communications Physics published its first articles on February 22, 2018. In this collection, our editors highlight some of their favorite papers from our first year of publishing. This collection also includes Review and Comment articles published during our first year. Our selected papers celebrate the diversity of our content across physics. 

Finally, we link to some of our favourite 'Behind the Paper' posts published by our authors on Nature Research community sites. 

About Communications Physics

Communications Physics is an open access journal from Nature Research publishing high-quality research, reviews and commentary in all areas of physics. Research papers published by the journal represent significant advances bringing new insight to a specialized area of research. Read more about the journal here

About the editors

Communications Physics is edited by both in-house professional editors and academic Editorial Board Members. Our editors work closely together to ensure the quality of our published papers and consistency in author experience. 

Editors' picks

Review & Comment