Queer in Chem

Despite more than half a century of queer rights activism, equality for people with minority genders and sexual orientations is not a reality. Spurred by recent disconcerting societal trends, we believe it is imperative that the scientific community lifts up and celebrates our LGBTQ+ colleagues, acknowledges the challenges that queer scientists face, and actively works to address them. With this pledge in mind, Communications Chemistry is thrilled to present our Queer in Chem series — a collection of Q&A articles in which we interview accomplished queer chemists. 

The series showcases each researcher’s scientific interests as well as their professional experiences. We hope to foster a deeper understanding of the rich tapestry of identities and experiences within the chemistry community. By amplifying the voices and experiences of queer chemists, Communications Chemistry endeavors to foster a community of understanding, acceptance, and support within the field of chemistry and society at large.

Test tubes filled with rainbow colours on a rainbow background.


Q&A articles