Human-centred intelligent systems

Intelligent systems are advanced machines capable of making autonomous decisions and interacting with the surrounding environment based on how they perceive that environment. Examples of these systems are autonomous cars, speech and facial recognition programs, intelligent healthcare monitoring systems, and domestic robots, just to name a few. While technological advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) have enabled the development of intelligent machines that are human-like, there is a growing need for human-centred intelligent systems that are reliable, safe and trustworthy and provide useful applications with widespread benefits for users and society.

This collection will bring together interdisciplinary research on human-computer interaction, human-robot interaction, human-centred computing and AI, affective computing, and social computing with the aim of bridging the gap between human and machine for the benefit of both. Submissions that provide evidence of reliable, safe, and trustworthy human-centred intelligent system designs for real-world applications are particularly welcome.