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The Spinoff Prize

Check out The Spinoff Prize Outlook 2021, featuring our 2021 finalists

Our 2021 winner was announced at the 2021 Future Insight Days.

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2021 Winner

Congratulations to HighT-Tech

  HighT-Tech, established by researchers from the University of Maryland and John Hopkins University, invented a disruptive high-temperature shock technique and opens a new material space of multielement high entropy alloy catalysts, which exhibit significantly higher performance and stability than few-element catalysts. The HEA nanoparticles mix multiple elements with less or no noble metals to create high-performance, low-cost catalysts for chemical and energy industries, such as fuel cells, ammonia synthesis and oxidation.

Catalysts are the enabling technology for the current chemical industry and clean energy applications.  Finding new and better catalysts is paramount yet largely limited by immiscibility among elements and the slow experimentation.

Our judges felt that "HighT-Tech is a company with world-class scientific foundations, upon which a next-generation discovery platform is being built to address an important technical bottleneck in industrial catalyst development. The platform nature of the approach significantly reduces the risk of technological or commercial failure, given the opportunity to develop catalysts for a broad range of applications and thus potential to make a significant impact across a large and important sector."








The 2021 winner was announced at the 2021 Future Insight Days on 12th July 2021.





2021 Finalists

The path from university research to start-up company is an essential part of the innovation economy. The Spinoff Prize Outlook 2021 presents some star spin-offs that took root after seeds of scientific insight fell on fertile commercial soil.

Please visit the The Spinoff Prize Outlook 2021 to discover the finalist profiles and the ones to watch.


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