The role of technology in improving consumer service

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Technology has transformed almost every facet of human existence, from how we live, work, communicate, and consume. Two of the most dramatic aspects of technology is how quickly it changes, and the impact changes have on society. Changes in technology are having a profound impact on the relationship between two important groups: corporations and their customers. Examples of how technology is impacting this relationship are numerous. They include: minimising the amount of time spent on customer service calls while maximising consumer satisfaction; using online communication tools such as screen sharing to improve communication and interactions; developing, and improving consumers’ mobile experience; leveraging analytics tools to provide high-quality consumer service; and using social media listening tools to better understand consumer preferences. In short, technology is clearly a pillar of consumer services as it improves so too do employee proficiency, efficiency, and consumer experience.

Despite advances in this domain, research on the evolving relationship between technology, consumer satisfaction, service improvement and consumer experience remain scarce. This collection is dedicated to advancing awareness of the theoretical and empirical understanding of how technology is likely to influence consumer services in the coming years. The collection also responds to the need for more research on consumer perspectives on technology in business management. Specifically, it addresses the need for more research on how technological advances in production systems and distribution channels have an effect on consumer service and experience.

Research is invited that addresses, but which is not limited to, themes such as:

  • The impact of technologies on consumers and society;
  • New communication tools that help brands gain the trust and loyalty of customers;
  • Strategies to merge digital technologies with physical stores;
  • New and innovative experiences that retailers offer their customers;
  • Digitization strategies in marketing products to consumers;
  • Technology as part of the overall strategic objectives of organisations;
  • Ways to evaluate the impact of technology more efficiently;
  • Strategies to reduce new product development time and costs;
  • Transformation of consumer behaviour through technological innovations;
  • Use of technology to improve service delivery;
  • Artificial intelligence in business management;
  • Happiness as a variable to understand the effects of technologies on consumers;
  • Development of methodological approaches to support research in this arena.
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