Psychology of Resilience

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The editors at Communications Psychology invite submissions of research manuscripts on the Psychology of Resilience. Submissions may come from any field of psychology or neighbouring disciplines, such as social work, education, and psychiatry.

We invite studies that examine predictors and outcomes, answering the questions what makes people psychologically resilient or how resilience influences their life. This includes work studying the contexts, characteristics, relationships, and resources that facilitate (or hinder) resilience in the face of adverse circumstances ranging from daily hassles to traumatic events. We encourage work exploring how resilient behaviours or characteristics influence outcomes including, for example, health, well-being, occupational or academic success, and relationships. Contributions that address the dynamics of resilience including pathways of resistance, recovery, and transformation as well as work considering the multiple systems (e.g., biological, societal, developmental, and historical) that influence psychological resilience are welcomed.

The journals will consider submissions of Research articles, Registered Reports, and Resource articles on the topic. More information on the different formats can be found here. If you are interested in contributing a review or opinion piece, please email the editors directly. We will highlight relevant publications in this Collection.

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