Topological physics of moiré matter

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The frontier of moiré matter has opened up a previously inaccessible realm of emergent topological phenomena. This class of materials — formed by stacking two-dimensional layers with a small twist — provides a unique platform for investigating tailored interactions in tunable solid-state devices, where the moiré superlattice can give rise to delicate topology-driven physics. In this setting, the interplay of field-tunable correlated states, fractionalised excitations, and anomalous velocity phenomena awaits exploration and manipulation.

This cross-journal open Collection focuses on experimental and theoretical developments in the rich tapestry of topological physics in moiré matter.

We welcome the submissions of primary research papers that fall into any of the above categories, with Nature Communications and Communications Physics also considering Reviews and Perspectives that fall within the scope of the Collection. All submissions are subject to the same peer review process and editorial standards as regular Nature Communications, Communications Physics, and Scientific Reports articles.

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Nanotechnology concept - graphene molecules - 3d rendering

Anomalous velocity phenomena

Field-tunable topological states