Plant Photobiology

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Besides driving photosynthesis, light gives plants critical information about their surroundings. Plants have evolved a suite of photoreceptors that sense a variety of wavelengths of light and when these are activated, they initiate signaling responses that affect growth and development. While the chief signaling pathways that regulate plant responses to light cues are known, the signaling network is overall quite complex and many details about the involved pathways, as well as how they vary between different types of plants, remain to be discovered. For this Collection, we welcome any submissions advancing the field of plant photobiology, from studies shedding new light on the structures of photoreceptors to those identifying novel components of the photoresponsive signaling network.

In addition to original Research Articles, we will also consider Reviews, Perspectives and Comments covering these topics. All submissions will be subject to the same review process as regular Communications Biology Articles.

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