Clinical research in neurological disorders

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Our knowledge of the pathological mechanisms driving neurodegeneration in disorders like Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease is ever increasing. However, advances in diagnostics and disease modifying therapeutics are lagging.  

The editors at Nature CommunicationsCommunications Medicinenpj Parkinson’s Disease and Scientific Reports invite original research articles on the clinical aspects of neurological disorders and neurodegenerative diseases. This call for papers includes topics such as: biomarker discovery; approaches for more accurate diagnostics; assessment of clinical heterogeneity and in more diverse cohorts; clinical trials, both observational and interventional, as well as case studies. Preclinical work would not be within scope for this collection. 

This is a joint Collection across Nature Communications, Communications Medicinenpj Parkinson’s Disease and Scientific Reports. Please see the relevant journal webpages to check which article types the journals consider. Please note, Nature Communications and Scientific Reports will only consider original research articles, npj Parkinson’s Disease welcomes original articles, reviews, perspectives and comments with a Parkinson’s disease focus, and Communications Medicine welcomes original articles, reviews, perspectives and comments across the whole scope of the collection.


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Neurodegenerative disease concept illustration with neural networks.


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