CALL FOR PAPERS: Higher-order Functional Mesostructures

Over the past decades, nanotechnology and synthetic chemistry succeeded in on-demand design of nanoscale building blocks such as functional molecules or colloidal nanostructures. Inspired by nature, such building blocks can be used for precise assembly of hierarchical mesostructured materials with novel advanced functionality. Possible applications of this technology cover a broad range of fields, from energy conversion and storage, catalysis, smart surfaces and membranes, to drug delivery systems, supramolecules, etc. The concept of nanoarchitectonics has been put forward to cover the developments in this extensive research field. This special issue of NPG Asia Materials on ‘Higher-order Functional Mesostructures’ will focus on the most recent innovations in hierarchical mesostructured materials, and we hereby announce call for papers for review articles as well as original papers, to be submitted by August 31, 2022.

Higher-order Functional Mesostructures