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China’s rise is the story of the century in science. Its scientific output has already overtaken that of the United States , but on measures of quality, such as articles published in the high-quality journals tracked by the Nature Index, it still has a big gap to close. Some exceptional disciplines, though, are leading the way to overcoming the quality deficit.

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    To become a world-leading scientific nation in every sense, China needs to close the quality gap.

    • Catherine Armitage
  • Nature | Nature Index

    China now publishes more scientific research than the United States, but on measures of quality, including publication of articles in the top-notch journals tracked by the Nature Index, it still falls short, with some notable subject exceptions.

  • Nature | Nature Index

    Studies to improve the productivity, resistance and taste of rice crops are central to China’s commanding position in plant biology.

    • Hepeng Jia
  • Nature | Nature Index

    The FAST telescope dish, stretching half a kilometre, will thrust China’s radio astronomers into a role of global leadership.

    • Mark Zastrow

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