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The Editors at Communications Psychology invite submissions on the topic of boredom.

This curated Collection of research articles seeks to bring together high-quality publications that address psychological questions related to boredom. Submissions may come from developmental, social, educational, industrial/organisational, cognitive and clinical psychology as well as any field of psychology or neighbouring disciplines addressing relevant questions.

We welcome work that considers the antecedents of boredom such as attentional under- or over-stimulation and dearth of meaning, as well as work that considers the positive, negative, and neutral outcomes of boredom. Work that considers how boredom manifests or moderates processes in applied domains such as education and work is also encouraged as is work considering situational and individual differences related to boredom such as boredom proneness.

The journals will consider submissions of research Articles, Registered Reports, and Resources on the topic. More information on the different formats can be found here. If you are interested in contributing a review or opinion piece, please email the Editors directly. We will highlight relevant publications in this Collection.

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