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Genetics, genomics and epigenetics

The accurate inheritance of phenotypes in all biological systems relies on the transmission of genetic and epigenetic information and failure in these operations often underlie many diseases. In this editorial page we explore exciting discoveries and technologies which push forward our understanding of genome organisation and evolution, rare and complex diseases and the molecular machines orchestrating these processes.

Chuanfu An (@ChuanfuAn)

Chuanfu has a background in genetics, genomics, and biotechnology. He worked on a broad range of subjects on plant defense against microbial pathogens, cold acclimation, metabolic engineering, cotton fiber development, and application of biotechnology in plant breeding. As an editor, he handles manuscripts on plant genetics and biotechnology, microbial biotechnology, and general biotechnological development.

Margot Brandt

Margot has a background in human genetics and functional genomics. She handles manuscripts on the genetics of complex traits, including genome-wide association studies and subsequent follow-up studies, and population genetics. She is particularly interested in the characterization of genetic associations including identifying molecular consequences and relevant genes, cell types and contexts.

Poonam Bheda

Poonam has a background in chromatin and epigenetics, focusing on transcriptional silencing and memory. As an editor, her interests range from molecular biology, biochemistry, and biophysics of chromatin and transcriptional regulation.

Rebecca Furlong

Rebecca has a background in human genetics and vertebrate gene family evolution. She handles a wide variety of papers with a particular focus on evolutionary genomics and molecular evolution. Rebecca is interested in any topic where genetic sequencing technologies can be applied, from human disease to conservation biology.

Minju Ha

Minju has a background in RNA biology, biochemistry, and chromosome conformation. As an editor, she handles manuscripts in molecular biology, noncoding RNA, RNA metabolism, transcriptomics, RNA-related methods and therapeutics papers.

Ingrid Knarston (@IngridKnarston)

Ingrid has a background in human genetics and research experience in rare disease genetics, iPSC-based disease modelling and sex determination. She handles manuscripts in human genetics broadly with a particular focus on rare disease studies and bioinformatics methods. Ingrid is interested in all aspects of human genetics, from basic science to broader societal implications.

Doaa Megahed

Doaa enjoys using modern-day technologies to answer long-standing questions in biology. She has worked on a broad array of topics from survival time prediction using OMICs data, to muscle mass maintenance during hibernation, mammalian cell size regulation, and the use of single-cell methods to study intercellular signaling in the liver. As an editor she mainly handles computational & systems biology papers.

Anne Mirabella

Anne has a background in chromatin biology in the context of DNA metabolism. As an editor she is interested in all aspects of molecular biology, especially understanding how cells regulate to maintain their genomic stability. Anne handles manuscripts in molecular biology, genome instability, DNA replication and DNA damage and repair.



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