Getting acquainted with npj Robotics

npj Robotics will publish papers on robotics research, with a focus on approaches that take the physical nature of robots and their relation and interaction with the world as a departure point. Example topics include physical AI, embodied intelligence, bio-inspired learning methods, neuromorphic sensing and processing, bio-hybrid systems, soft robotics, micro- and nano-robotics, and novel designs for robotic sensors, processors and actuators.

To illustrate the scope of the journal, the editors of npj Robotics have prepared this Collection - extensive but definitely not exhaustive - of primary research articles, published by journals in the Nature Portfolio, grouped into broad thematic areas that the journal will cover. We hope you enjoy browsing through this Collection. Should you not find articles similar to your research topic, do not be disconcerted – the reach of npj Robotics will go beyond the topics covered by the current Collection. You can contact us at: for any question about the scope. To learn more about how to submit a manuscript to npj Robotics, please visit our “For Authors” pages.

BeeQuadrotor on a flower

Bio-inspired learning methods

Neuromorphic sensing, computing, and learning

Novel designs of robotic systems, sensors, or actuators