Erectile Dysfunction 2020 Collection

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common form of sexual dysfunctions, which significantly deteriorates the quality of life of a man and his partner. ED can also affect self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-image of masculinity. The launch of Viagra in 1998 has revolutionized the management of ED. In the recent years, ED research has focused on regenerative therapies which have the potential of restoring erectile function permanently. Such a treatment modality will rule out the need for continuously taking medication for a healthy sexual life. Development of ideal ED therapy requires good understanding of ED pathophysiology and efficacy of currently available treatments. 

In order to contribute to the efforts in finding the "cure" for ED, we have created an "Erectile Dysfunction 2020 Collection" where our readers will be able to read the most up to date research on this important sexual problem. We truly hope that, the articles that we have published in IJIR: Your Sexual Medicine Journal will be beneficial for our readers.

paper with the text Erectile Dysfunction, Break the silence and blue pills