Plant systems and spatial biology

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A systems perspective frames the next frontier in plant sciences. Moreover, network science aids in translating the complexity of a system into a biological message and enables us to discover novel features and characteristics of this system. Over the last decade, advances in -omics approaches have facilitated numerous breakthroughs in plant sciences. Particularly, spatial single-cell transcriptomics highlights the new era in plant biology by linking the genome to the phenome. Finally, the integration of diverse layers of -omics provides insights into the underlying molecular mechanisms of diverse plant traits relevant to modern agriculture.

Communications Biology now encourages submissions of research articles that make an effort towards a more holistic understanding of various aspects of plant biology. We particularly welcome research articles, Reviews, Perspectives, or Comments that explore spatial biology, network or systems biology, or integrative phenomics and how environmental conditions affect plant growth or other key phenotypes.

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Close-up of the centre of a succulent plant


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