Thermal Engineering for Sustainability

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Efficient management and exploitation of thermal energy is key for many engineering applications.  Greater understanding and control of thermal processes, such as thermal energy harvesting, storage and transfer will play an important role in achieving the UN SDGs.  We announce a call for papers in the journal Communications Engineering, with a view to the publication of a collection of papers on the topic of thermal engineering with a particular focus on applications related to sustainability.  The collection will explore:
Design and optimization
• Passive heat transfer enhancement and optimization e.g. evaporation and condensation
• Computational techniques
• Innovative materials e.g. thermal metamaterials, phase change materials 
Technologies and applications
• Thermal energy management for temperature control of buildings, infrastructure etc, for example heat exchangers, heat pumps and other heat transfer equipment, radiative cooling
• Thermal energy harvesting and storage from low carbon sources including waste heat, solar
• Exploitation of low carbon thermal energy for example solar thermal power generation, solar desalination
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Apartment building thermal imaging


  • Tian Li

    Purdue University, USA

  • Zhibin Yu

    University of Glasgow, UK