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First year anniversary collection

In celebration of the first anniversary of launching Communications Earth & Environment, we invite our readers to explore some of the exciting developments in the Earth, planetary and environmental sciences. In our anniversary collection, we are pleased to present four viewpoint articles, each with contributions from our Editorial Board members, which focus on the ocean and cryosphere, the atmosphere, the solid Earth and human-environment interactions. In addition, we are launching a series of “Post-publication careers” articles where we invite a few of our authors to share the impact the publication of their paper in Communications Earth & Environment had on their professional and personal lives. Additional articles in this series will be added throughout the year.



Oceans and cryosphere are immediately affected by human-induced climate change. Our Editorial Board members present viewpoints on the most pressing and fruitful avenues of research on frozen and liquid water, and the transition from one to the other.

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Our relationship with the landscape has developed through time and more and more the environment is responding to human-driven changes. Now is the time to steer this relationship towards a sustainable future, suggest our Editorial Board Members.

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Processes within the Earth shape and influence the surface environment and the emergence and evolution of life. Our Editorial board members outline recent advances and future directions in our attempt to understand the history of our planet and its environment.

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Greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution have changed the composition of the atmosphere, and thereby initiated global warming and reduced air quality. Our editorial board members note the need for a deeper understanding of atmospheric fluxes and processes to tackle climate and human health issues.

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Post-Publication Careers