Quantum Many-Body Dynamics

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Quantum many-body physics explores emergent properties of many interacting quantum particles, which often have no counterpart in classical systems. Of particular interest is the study of non-equilibrium dynamics of quantum many-body systems, which addresses fundamental questions at the intersection of condensed matter physics, statistical physics, atomic, molecular, and optical physics, and quantum information, and holds potential for advancing quantum technologies.

This Collection highlights theoretical and experimental original research and commissioned commentary on topics in quantum many-body dynamics. The original research part of the Collection is divided into three sections. The first section centers around non-equilibrium phenomena in interacting quantum systems, encompassing driven and dissipative dynamics, thermalization, dynamics of quantum information, as well as novel dynamical phases of matter such as many-body localization and time crystals. The second section is dedicated to methodological developments, including machine learning and quantum algorithms for describing quantum many-body systems. The final section showcases achievements in digital and analogue quantum simulations of many-body physics, with a focus on non-equilibrium states.

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An artistic representation of light-induced entanglement between electrons in a quantum material subject to an intense laser pulse.



Non-equilibrium phenomena in quantum many-body systems

Methods to learn quantum many-body systems

Quantum simulations of many-body physics