Special Issue on the 25th Anniversary of City University of Hong Kong

This special issue is a collection of the most intriguing photonics and optoelectronics research results recently accomplished in the City University of Hong Kong (CityU), to celebrate its 25th Anniversary (10th October 2019). Guest Editors are Prof. Alex Jen and Dr. Dangyuan Lei both from CityU’s Department of Materials Science and Engineering.

Located in the heart of Hong Kong, Asia’s international city, CityU was founded in 1984 and became a fully accredited university in 1994. As one of the eight government-funded degree-granting tertiary institutions in Hong Kong, CityU’s goals are to pursue high levels of excellence, promote innovation and nurture creativity with the aim to improve people’s lives. It is ranked 48th as a leading global university according to the QS World University Rankings, and it comes 1st in the Most International University Rankings from Times Higher Education.

In this collection, CityU’s scientists shed light into optical and optoelectronic sciences and technologies, including micro-light-emitting diodes (micro-LEDS) with quantum dots (QDs) to highlight the implementation of micro-LEDs and QDs in display technology; Micro-rocket robots with all-optic actuating and tracking in blood, to benefit state-of-the-art microrobot design in the blood environment; Tailoring spontaneous infrared emissions of HgTe QDs with laser-printed plasmonic arrays, to provide a solid step towards the design of IR-responsive devices; Self-healable electroluminescent devices to serve as model systems for electroluminescent applications of ionically conductive healable hydrogels and dielectric polymers; Raman lasing and soliton mode-locking in lithium niobate micro-resonators to provide guidance for the development of future chip-based photonic devices on the Lithium niobate-on-insulator platform; and strain engineering of 2D semiconductors and graphene, to provide important insights into strain fields, band-structure tuning and photonics applications.

This young and vigorously growing university in the south of China is extending its “Officium et Civitas” spirit into the future, and its optics and photonics researches will be reinforced by Light.