Nature Biotechnology’s academic spinouts 2021

Nature Biotechnology’s annual survey highlights academic startups that are, among other things, designing circular RNA therapeutics, tackling cancer with arenaviruses, creating  psychedelics without the trip, editing genes and cells in vivo, harnessing the power of auto-antibodies, editing the epigenome.   

As in previous years of our survey, we have focused on R&D-intensive startups spun out from academic institutions. These were first identified as having raised a series A financing in 2020. Our editors then assessed publicly available information about each firm’s research to select those that appear below. (Some firms were selected but not included because they were still in ‘stealth mode’ or declined to be interviewed.) Michael Eisenstein, Ken Garber, Esther Landhuis, and Laura DeFrancesco report.

Stylized image of lab equipment.


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