Consumer waste valorization

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We live in a world in which the generation and accumulation of trash is commonplace. Yet it’s clear that taking, making, using and discarding is an unsustainable economic strategy. This pattern devours finite natural resources and blights our health and environment.

In this collection, we gather research into engineering approaches to address post consumer waste, that is, consumer product waste once it has reached the end of use. We focus on chemical, materials, mechanical and other engineering advances tackling solid waste streams, such as food, paper and textiles, electronics and plastics.

Specific areas of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • Recyclable, renewable and degradable materials and device design
  • Advances in mechanical, chemical, enzymatic or other treatment of waste streams towards useful products (recycling, upcycling, engineered re-purposing.)
  • Approaches to device, materials or elemental recovery from waste streams
  • Methods for assessing impacts of interventions
  • Reverse logistics and infrastructure engineering for waste flow management
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Waste valorization