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Radioisotopes and radiochemistry in health science

Radioisotopes and radiochemical methods find broad application in environmental research and nuclear medicine. This Collection provides an overview on current advances and novel concepts in radioisotope science and applications relating to human health. The Collection includes papers on radionuclide research for medical diagnostics and therapy, including isotope production and purification, radiolabelling and bioconjugation techniques. The Collection also includes papers on the applications of isotopes in environmental research.

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Radioisotopes can be produced artificially from stable nuclei through the interaction with particles or highly energetic photons. In combination with modern detection and counting techniques, radioisotopes and radiochemical methods uniquely contribute to the health sciences. This Collection showcases salient aspects of medical radioisotope science ranging from the production, recovery and purification of radioisotopes to the methods used to attach them to biomolecules. The Collection also presents studies that highlight the importance of radiochemistry in the assessment of environmental radioactivity.

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