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Working in the field presents unique problems for researchers. Scientists must learn how to navigate cultural differences, safety issues and geographic barriers when they go into the field, alongside their usual data-collection and analysis responsibilities. Check out Nature’s collection on fieldwork for help, advice and coverage of these issues.


As COVID-19 restrictions continue to upend plans for data collection, scientists stuck at home are finding innovative ways to adapt their research questions. Here’s what they’re doing.

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Psychiatrist Dixon Chibanda trains teams of grandmothers to provide open-air counselling sessions in Zimbabwe.

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Wildfires are becoming more and more frequent around the world, making expertise in the field a hot commodity.

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Junior researchers must know how to navigate dangers in the field, says Elizabeth Orr.

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Life in the field can be gruelling — and so it is up to team leaders to turn the research grind into an adventurous and valuable experience for everyone.

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Cramped living conditions, unruly colleagues or crowded schedules can be challenging for the most intrepid scientist.

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Decision scientists have identified remedies for various cognitive biases that distort climate-change risk perceptions. Researchers must now use the same empirical methods to identify strategies for reproducing — in the tumult of the real world — results forged in the tranquillity of their labs.

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