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2020 South Korea

A concerted government push to make South Korea an innovation leader, backed by strong investment and systemic reform, has brought rapid and long-lasting results. The country’s scientific landscape is becoming more diverse and more productive, as a place where upwardly mobile researchers thrive.

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Korea University is a prestigious academic institution with a focus on creativity, innovation, and excellence that is helping to drive positive change.

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In fewer than 10 years the Institute for Basic Science has evolved from an idea to a multi-disciplinary web of 30 research centres tackling some of the most fundamental scientific questions of our time.

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POSTECH’s impressive research infrastructure, which includes two synchrotron radiation accelerators, is spawning breakthroughs in fields as diverse as drug development and materials science.

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A hub for innovative and ground-breaking research, KAIST doubles down on first-mover initiatives in R&D and governance

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