Health and Physiology in Women

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Historically, women have often not been the primary focus of medical and pharmaceutical research efforts, and studies in some fields have been conducted without taking into adequate consideration sex and gender representation among participants. As outlined in a recent editorial, many studies rely on a single sex or gender without an appropriate justification. 

On this basis, the editors at Nature Communications and npj Women’s Health are now inviting submissions of primary research studies focusing specifically on physiology and health in women. We particularly want to encourage submissions of clinical and basic research studies in the areas of metabolism, cardiovascular, reproductive, mental, global and public health. We will consider studies in other areas where specific analysis of physiology and health in women has not been adequately addressed, and also preclinical studies where the relevance for human health is clearly established - for instance where findings obtained in research models are confirmed, even in part, in human cohorts. We will highlight relevant papers in this collection, together with other article types, such as Perspectives and Comments that add significant insight into the challenge of addressing the data gaps that exist in women’s health and physiology.


Silhouette profile group of men and women of diverse culture. Diversity multi-ethnic and multicultural people. Concept of racial equality and anti-racism. Different cultures.