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Cancer is a group of heterogeneous diseases that accounts for 1 in 6 deaths globally. Current research efforts focus on screening, early detection and discovering improved treatment options with the aim of decreasing patient mortality. This editorial selection highlights some of our recent most exciting papers that significantly move forward the rapid evolving field of cancer research.

Luca Danelli

Luca has a background in immunology. He is interested in immune-based therapies to treat cancer. As an editor, he mainly handles papers in cancer immunology and immunotherapy.

Maria Garcia-Fernandez

Maria has a background in physiology and cancer research with a focus on the cell biology and microenvironment aspects. As an editor she mainly handles manuscripts on blood cancer and metabolism, including both basic and clinical studies.

Ilse Ariadna Gutierrez

Ilse has a background in cancer genomics and bioinformatics with a previous focus on leukaemia. As an editor she mainly handles manuscripts on cancer genetics and genomics at the bulk and single-cell levels, and is particularly interested in cancer heterogeneity and evolution.

Stephanie Koo

Stephanie has a background in cancer cell biology with a previous focus on breast cancer, transcriptional factors and kinases. As an editor she mainly handles manuscripts on cancer cell biology and molecular biology.

Ylenia Lombardo

Ylenia has a background in cancer biology with a focus on cancer stem cells and mechanisms of drug resistance. As an editor she handles translational and clinical studies in cancer as well as cancer stem cells papers.

Paraskevi Mallini

Paraskevi has a background in cancer biology with a focus on epithelial to mesenchymal transition, cancer stem cells and drug resistance. She also has 4 years of experience from the biotechnology industry in the field of TCR repertoire identification and analysis for immunotherapies. As an editor Paraskevi handles papers on cancer genetics/genomics, epigenetics/epigenomics and immunogenomics.

Katie Ridd (@katieridd)

Katie has a background in cancer cell biology and genetics, and previously focused on skin cancer. As an editor her interests span all of cancer research including clinical, therapy, immunology, metabolism, molecular biology and cell biology. Katie handles an array of papers but has a particular focus on cancer imaging.

Lorenzo Righetto(@LorenzoRighett7)

Lorenzo has a background in computational epidemiology and innovation complexity. Editorially, he is interested in advancements in digital medicine ethics and safety, in AI studies of consciousness, in real-world-evidence digital medicine, in computational social science and in new developments of data-driven epidemiological models. He handles primarily AI diagnostic and prognostic tools, in silico drug discovery methods and computational epidemiology studies.

Aishwarya Sundaram

Aishwarya has 6+ years of experience in pharmaceutical drug discovery research, spanning multiple therapeutic areas, followed by doctoral studies with a focus on pancreatic cancer. As an editor, she handles broad topics including cancer metastasis, drug discovery, nanotherapy, tumor models and epidemiology.


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