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Cancer Gene Therapy is the essential gene and cellular therapy resource for cancer researchers and clinicians, keeping readers up to date with the latest developments in gene and cellular therapies for cancer. Publication topics include RNAi approaches, drug resistance, hematopoietic progenitor cell gene transfer, cancer stem cells, cellular therapies, homologous recombination, ribozyme technology, antisense technology, tumor immunotherapy and tumor suppressors, translational research, cancer therapy, gene delivery systems (viral and non-viral), anti-gene therapy (antisense, siRNA & ribozymes), apoptosis; mechanisms and therapies, vaccine development, immunology and immunotherapy, DNA synthesis and repair. Cancer Gene Therapy publishes the results of laboratory investigations, preclinical studies, and clinical trials in the field of gene transfer/gene therapy and cellular therapies as applied to cancer research. Articles published include the fields of drug resistance/sensitivity, gene therapy, cellular therapy, tumor suppressor and anti-oncogene therapy, cytokine/tumor immunotherapy, etc.; industry perspectives; and letters to the editor.