About the Editors


Professor Gerry Melino

Gerry Melino, MD (Rome), PhD (London), Dr Sci hc (St Petersburg), working at the MRC Toxicology Unit (Leicester UK) and at the University Tor Vergata of Rome (Italy), has created the major forum for discussion and innovation in the field of cell death in the last twenty years. In fact, his editorial contribution to the scientific community has been pivotal, being the Founder of the journals Cell Death & Differentiation and Cell Death & Diseaseof impact factor 8.218 and 5.378 respectively. His scientific interest focuses upon programmed cell death in epidermal and cancer models, and in particular on the p53 family - p63 and p73, where his contribution has been fundamental.


Professor John Silke

John completed a law degree from King's College, London, before obtaining a second degree in Biochemistry at Churchill College, Cambridge (1992). He contemplated becoming a Patent Lawyer, but instead opted for a PhD in Zürich, Switzerland with Prof Walter Schaffner, looking at the role of DNA methylation in the regulation of transcription (1997). A Swiss fellowship allowed John to do a post-doc with Prof David Vaux in WEHI, Australia (1997-2005), where he focused on cell death mechanisms and in particular in the role of Inhibitor of Apoptosis proteins (IAPs) in regulating cell death. After a five year stint running a lab in La Trobe, Australia, he returned to WEHI in 2011 where his lab focuses on the programmed cell death pathways; apoptosis and necroptosis, and their intersection with cancer and inflammation. He now jointly leads the Cell Signalling & Cell Death division in the WEHI with Prof David Vaux.

He has a strong interest in translational research and is a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of TetraLogic Pharmaceuticals Corporation. In this capacity he has contributed to our understanding of how IAP antagonist drugs, now called Smac-mimetics, kill cancer cells and researches ways in which they can be used most effectively in the clinic.

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