Volume 37 Issue 1, January 2006

Volume 37 Issue 1

Pablo Picasso: Harlequin Musician, 1924, oil on canvas

Pablo Picasso - painter, sculptor, graphic artist and ceramist - was born in Málaga, Spain, in 1881. His early talent was recognised and nurtured by his father, an art teacher at the local School of Fine Arts and Crafts. From 1900 Picasso regularly travelled to Paris where in 1907 he met Georges Braque. Between them they created Cubism; soon the style became the dominant one of the first half of the 20th century. In addition there was hardly a 20th century movement that he didn't inspire or contribute to. At the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War, Picasso was appointed the director of the Prado and in 1937 produced one of his most famous paintings, Guernica, following the Fascist air attack on the Basque town. Picasso was the first artist to enjoy the obsessive attention of mass media; no previous painter or sculptor had been as famous in his own lifetime. In his later years, turned enthusiastically to sculpture, pottery, and print-making. He died in 1973 aged 91.


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