Artificial intelligence in drug development

From rapid candidate selection, to fewer clinical trials and faster market approval, AI is helping to accelerate and improve the efficiency of drug development, whilst significantly reducing costs.


  • Chemiverse provides a quicker route to ‘the best target, the best chemical,’ according to the Korean biotech Pharos iBio. With its first AI-based drug currently undergoing clinical trials, the company is demonstrating the broad value AI can provide from discovery to clinical development.

    • Pharos iBio
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  • Better data for better insights and improved outcomes—Molecular Health has built one of the largest, deepest and fully curated digital platforms for biomedicine in the world. The company’s ‘Dataome’ provides the foundation for actionable insights for stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem.

    • Molecular Health GmbH
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  • Auransa’s AI-driven prediction of drug candidates and corresponding patient responders increases the chances of clinical trial success.

    • Auransa Inc.
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  • Deep Quartet, a drug discovery platform developed by INTAGE Healthcare and the Institute for Theoretical Medicine (ITM) uses AI technologies to design new lead compound structures based on pharmacophore models.

    • INTAGE Healthcare
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  • Our monthly roundup of 'business of science' stories from across Springer Nature’s portfolio of journals explores the relationships between academia, startups and big pharma, as well as following the progress of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

    • Raveena Bhambra
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  • Vincerx applies a modular approach in the development of antibody–drug conjugates by incorporating novel targeting and safety features. The company’s lead compounds exhibit high efficacies with minimal toxicities that are expected to improve therapeutic windows. Vincerx believes that partners with first-in-class antibodies, clinical stage antibodies or ADCs against promising targets will benefit from Vincerx’s next-generation payload-linker technologies.

    • Vincerx Pharma
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