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Volume 9 Issue 4, October 2015

Volume 9 Issue 4

In this issue...

• Medtech partnering: Megamergers and digital health

• The realization of precision medicine

• Demand for cancer technologies drives dealmaking

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Medical technologies


  • News Feature |

    Venture capital investment in devices remains lackluster, but megamergers and startups in digital health, drug delivery and minimally invasive technology are providing new impetus to today’s evolving medical technology industry.

    • Aaron Bouchie
  • Profiles

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    Lohmann & Rauscher, a leading international provider of high-quality medical devices and hygiene products for hospitals, medical practices and consumers for over 160 years, is looking to identify partners to drive innovation in advanced wound care over the next decade.

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    BTG combines medicines, device technology and new techniques to deliver more targeted treatments, and is leading the way in bringing these innovative interventional medicine therapies to market.

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    Three collaborative platforms—a Center for Innovation (COI), a tripartite industry-academia group (DUCR, TLO and UTEC) and the Translational Research Initiative (TRI)—showcase the University of Tokyo’s commitment to the development and commercialization of new healthcare technologies. To download the full article, please sign in.

Megamergers and digital health

Precision medicine


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