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Volume 16 Issue 2, June 2022

In this issue...

• Small-molecule drug discovery accelerated by artificial intelligence

• Infectious disease dealmaking refocuses

• The rise of targeted protein degradation

• RNAi therapeutics back on the menu

3D illustration concept of a cybernetic brain combining deep machine learning and artificial intelligence. Skorzewiak / Alamy Stock Photo.

Artificial intelligence makes a splash in small-molecule drug discovery

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From drug target inhibition to degradation: a TACtical strategy

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Buy buy RNAi

  • Feature

    • With siRNA-based drugs becoming established as a therapeutic modality, large companies are engaging in the field through deals and acquisitions, and cardiovascular and metabolic diseases are among their targets.

      • Biopharma Dealmakers
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  • Profiles

    • EraCal Therapeutics is developing a novel oral-active anti-obesity drug, Era-379, identified using the company’s state-of-the-art, zebrafish-based platform technology. EraCal is raising a series A to generate human proof-of-concept data for Era-379 and expanding its portfolio through co-development partnerships.

      • EraCal Therapeutics Ltd.
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    • Glyscend Therapeutics is developing first-in-class polymer drugs that uniquely interact with the gut wall to treat metabolic and chronic conditions. The company’s lead candidate, GLY-200, is advancing into phase 2 clinical studies for the treatment of type 2 diabetes.

      • Glyscend, Inc.
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