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Volume 14 Issue 1, March 2020

Volume 14 Issue 1

In this issue...

• Dealmaking in oncology diversifies

• Biopharma’s big year for M&As

Cover image: Immunofluorescence confocal imaging of melanoma cancer cells. Nicola Ferrari RF / Alamy Stock Photo.

Dealmaking in oncology diversifies


  • News Feature |

    While dealmaking in oncology continued to feature immunotherapies—particularly multi-targeted agents—there was also diversification, with prominent deals for precision medicine and novel platform technologies.

    • Sarah Hardison
  • Profiles

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    Medivir is developing tumor-directed nucleotide oral prodrugs to treat cancers with highly unmet medical needs. The company’s lead drug candidate, MIV-818, is a liver cancer targeted prodrug that Medivir is looking to develop alone in the USA and the EU and through partnerships elsewhere.

    • Medivir
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    By supporting research, development and licensing behind its portfolio of companies KDDF is translating Korean science into breakthrough oncology treatments.

    • Korea Drug Development Fund
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    Immuno-oncology company Affimed is harnessing the power of innate immunity, with the help of its ROCK (Redirected Optimized Cell Killing) platform to change the lives of patients with cancer

    • Affimed

Biopharma’s big year for M&As


  • News Feature |

    M&A activity in the biopharma industry continued to boom last year, with more than 200 deals collectively worth over $200 billion.

    • Biopharma Dealmakers
    • DealForma
  • Profiles

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    By harvesting stem cells from umbilical cord blood and differentiating them into natural killer cells, Glycostem has developed oNKord, an affordable off-the-shelf cell therapy product indicated for oncology therapies that is ready to ship worldwide within 48hours

    • Glycostem


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