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Volume 13 Issue 3, September 2019

Volume 13 Issue 3

In this issue...

• Monoclonal antibodies: competition increases for the top spot

• Negotiating your biopharma deal term sheet

• The biggest year yet for dealmaking in immuno-oncology

Cover image: Biotechnology art of antibody cell. media point inc/Alamy Stock Photo.


  • News Feature |

    Established monoclonal antibody therapies have had unprecedented levels of commercial success, but the market is now changing owing to patent expirations and the rise of cancer immunotherapies

    • Biopharma Dealmakers
  • News Feature |

    As a key component in deal negotiations, a term sheet must be planned carefully and set out optimally for an asset. Lubor Gaal from Locust Walk discusses how licencors can negotiate the best terms for their biopharma assets.

    • Lubor Gaal
  • News Feature |

    Immuno-oncology continues to be a highly active area for dealmaking as leading companies seek to expand the treatable patient population for checkpoint inhibitors in indications such as non-small-cell lung cancer and achieve initial success in indications such as pancreatic cancer.

    • Nick Taylor
  • Biopharma thought leaders

  • News Feature |

    Opportunities are rising for small biotech companies but so are challenges in scaling. In the first of our Thought Leader series, Marc Funk, CEO of Lonza, talks to us about the new business models and technology the company is developing to help companies remain independent.

    • Biopharma Dealmakers


  • Advertisement Feature |

    Harnessing its antibody discovery platform Symplex, Symphogen has developed a fully integrated approach to discovering and developing next-generation antibody therapeutics.

    • Symphogen A/S
  • Advertisement Feature |

    Helping advance scientific research, diagnostic and therapeutic applications in disease areas including neuroscience, cancer and rare diseases globally, Abcam develop comprehensive solutions [...] with scientific and commercial partners to generate optimized antibodies, other binders and assays.

    • Abcam plc
  • Advertisement Feature |

    Clinical-stage biotech company PharmAbcine is advancing its lead antibody candidate olinvacimab through the clinic, alone and in combination, whilst developing a portfolio of clinical candidates that target key molecules implicated in oncology, angiogenesis and immune surveillance.

    • PharmAbcine, Inc
  • Advertisement Feature |

    Berkeley Lights’ innovative, optofluidics-based technology enables real-time, live, non-destructive, and iterative interrogation of thousands of single cells in integrated, end-to-end workflows for applications such as antibody discovery, cell line development, and T cell functional analytics.

    • Berkeley Lights
  • Advertisement Feature |

    Ablexis, LLC, developer of the AlivaMab Mouse and AlivaMab Discovery Services, LLC, offer customized and streamlined solutions for companies and organizations looking to obtain efficacious and derisked therapeutic antibodies.

    • Ablexis, LLC
    • AlivaMab Discovery Services, LLC
  • Advertisement Feature |

    Polaris Pharmaceuticals is evaluating its lead therapeutic protein—pegargiminase, a novel targeted cancer therapy that depletes circulating arginine—in combination with standard chemotherapies and immuno-oncology drugs in various cancers, including hepatocellular carcinoma and mesothelioma

    • Polaris Pharmaceuticals
  • Advertisement Feature |

    Genome & Company is developing a microbiome-based add-on therapy for programmed cell death 1/programmed cell death 1 ligand 1 inhibitors. It is also developing novel targeted immune checkpoint inhibitors, and believes these two approaches could be combined for personalized therapy.

    • Genome Company
  • Advertisement Feature |

    With its two-pronged approach, I-Mab Biopharma is developing biological therapeutics indicated for cancer and autoimmune diseases for the Chinese market and for the rest of the world.

    • I-Mab Biopharma
  • Advertisement Feature |

    Agenus is developing next-generation immunotherapeutics from its discovery platforms, providing the company with a deliberate balance between its wholly owned and partnered pipeline of novel therapies specifically designed to expand the benefit of immuno-oncology for patients with cancer.

    • Agenus Inc.
  • Advertisement Feature |

    OncoImmune develops novel immune-modulators targeting innate checkpoint mechanisms involving CD24–Siglec10 signaling as well as potential best-in-class anti-CTLA-4 antibody therapy that can separate its therapeutic effect from toxicity.

    • OncoImmune, Inc.


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