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Volume 13 Issue 2, June 2019

Volume 13 Issue 2

In this issue...

• The partnering landscape for CNS disorders

• The rise of the cell and gene therapy market

• Charting a year of biopharma dealmaking trends

• The medtech industry: financing and deals review

Cover image: Pill DNA image as a gene therapy concept. Brain light / Alamy Stock Photo


  • News Feature |

    The validation of novel therapeutic modalities such as gene therapy is supporting deal activity and investment in the development of drugs for central nervous system disorders, particularly for neurodegenerative diseases.

    • Cormac Sheridan
  • News Feature |

    Over the past year, the biopharma industry has witnessed some landmark approvals, high-value merger and acquisition deals and phenomenal venture funding in the US. In this feature, we chart the key trends in biopharma dealmaking since June 2018.

    • DealForma
    • Biopharma Dealmakers
  • News Feature |

    Plentiful acquisitions, increased financing and pioneering digital health approvals all shaped the medtech industry in 2018. With nontraditional players such as Apple and Google engaging in the field, the industry looks set to evolve further.

    • Amanda Micklus
    • Maureen Riordan


  • Advertisement Feature |

    TetraGenetics’ breakthrough technology produces unprecedented levels of correctly folded and functional membrane-spanning proteins that enable the discovery of novel therapeutic antibodies.

    • TetraGenetics
  • Advertisement Feature |

    Athira Pharma, Inc. is advancing a novel, potentially transformative approach for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative diseases. Unlike other products approved and in development, Athira’s drug candidates hold the potential to improve dementia symptoms and reverse or halt the degenerative process.

    • Athira Pharma, Inc.
  • Advertisement Feature |

    With two innovative products in late-stage development for the treatment of delayed-union fractures, spinal fusion and knee osteoarthritis, Bone Therapeutics is expanding its pipeline, including through research and development and commercialization partnerships, to help patients improve mobility.

    • Bone Therapeutics SA
  • Advertisement Feature |

    Using a multipronged strategy, Celyad is driving the development of next-generation chimeric antigen receptor-T cell-based therapies to treat cancer.

    • Celyad
  • Advertisement Feature |

    Promethera Biosciences’ HepaStem platform offers the first allogeneic off-the-shelf, liver-derived stem cell therapy for severe liver diseases that could become an alternative to liver transplantation.

    • Promethera Biosciences
  • Advertisement Feature |

    CORESTEM launched the world’s first stem cell therapy for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis in South Korea in 2015. The company is now seeking out-licensing partners as it works toward product approvals in the US and Europe.

  • Advertisement Feature |

    enGene has developed a proprietary nonviral gene delivery platform and Gene Pill technology to deliver orally administered gene therapies to mucosal tissues, creating new opportunities for treating hard-to-reach tissues across many indications.

    • enGene
  • Advertisement Feature |

    Building on its history of successful collaborations, Sanofi Pasteur, the vaccines global business unit of Sanofi, is seeking partners with a common drive for excellence and pursuit of innovation.

    • Sanofi Pasteur
  • Advertisement Feature |

    Sobi is an integrated biopharmaceutical company with capabilities throughout the value chain and a strong track record of commercializing medications in complex markets. While Sobi continues to develop a sustainable research and development base, its proven value-driven platform for launching products for rare diseases offers potential partners strengths in the field. Sobi is looking for opportunities to inlicense late-stage biologics.

    • SOBI
  • Advertisement Feature |

    TAGCyx Biotechnologies uses its proprietary Xenoligo technology platform to generate novel DNA aptamers containing an artificial nucleotide that have high affinity and selectivity for target proteins. TAGCyx is building a pipeline of Xenoligo aptamers and aptamer–drug conjugates, and is looking for global pharmaceutical partners.

    • TAGCyx Biotechnologies Inc.
  • Advertisement Feature |

    Elucida Oncology is developing ultrasmall (<10 nm) hybrid silica particles, C'-Dots, for guiding highly targeted image-directed surgical treatment and/or efficient delivery of small-molecule therapeutic agents and radio therapeutics.

    • Elucida Oncology, Inc.
  • Advertisement Feature |

    YUMAB offers fully human antibody development from target discovery to lead. Building on 30 years of successful research and development by its founders and six years in the market, the company is looking for additional partners interested in customized business and research service solutions for the development of antibody therapeutics.

    • YUMAB GmbH
  • Advertisement Feature |

    Building on a century of experience in developing advanced optical solutions, Nikon embarked on a quest in 2017 to help accelerate clinical and diagnostic imaging innovation.

    • Nikon Instruments, Inc.


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