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Volume 13 Issue 1, March 2019

Volume 13 Issue 1

In this issue...

• What are the recent dealmaking trends in oncology?

• Milestone payments in biopharma deals

Cover image: Microscopic image of circulating breast cancer cell cluster. Callista Images/Alamy Stock Photo.


  • News Feature |

    Oncology remains the most active area for dealmaking; in 2018, projected deal values increased substantially, driven by deals in immuno-oncology, and a number of major mergers and acquisitions were announced. In this feature, authors at Clarivate Analytics explore the trends in recent oncology deals.

    • Helen Dowden
    • Jamie Munro


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    Faron Pharmaceuticals’ antibody drug candidate that targets the macrophage receptor Clever-1 may be a game changer in immuno-oncology.

    • Faron Pharmaceuticals
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    Polaris Pharmaceuticals is evaluating its lead therapeutic protein—pegargiminase, a novel targeted cancer therapy that depletes circulating arginine—in combination with standard chemotherapies and immuno-oncology drugs in various cancers, including hepatocellular carcinoma and mesothelioma.

    • Polaris Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
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    YUMAB offers fully human antibody development from target discovery to lead. Building on 30 years of successful research and development by its founders and six years in the market, the company is looking for additional partners interested in customized business and research service solutions for the development of antibody therapeutics.

    • YUMAB GmbH
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    Immuno-oncology (IO) has revolutionized cancer treatment but not for all. Alligator Bioscience is leveraging its antibody technology platform, including its novel RUBY bispecific platform to produce next-generation tumor-directed IO therapies with higher efficacies and lower toxicities.

    • Alligator Bioscience AB
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    Japanese Delta-Fly Pharma is using its module technology to successfully take the time, cost and risk out of cancer drug research and development.

    • Delta-Fly Pharma Inc.
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    Oncopeptides is developing melflufen, a first-in-class peptide-conjugated alkylator for the treatment of relapsed and refractory multiple myeloma. Oncopeptides has attained orphan drug designations in the United States and Europe for melflufen and is preparing it for rapid marketing approval upon completion of an ongoing phase 3 clinical trial. The company is open to potential commercialization partnerships.

    • Oncopeptides AB
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    ImmuneOncia Therapeutics is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing novel immune checkpoint inhibitors, which could enhance drug efficacy and safety when used in combination with PD-1 or PD-L1 inhibitors.

    • ImmuneOncia Therapeutics Inc.
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    TOLREMO therapeutics AG aims to fundamentally change the way modern cancer drugs are used. The company’s resistance-breaking add-on therapies boost the long-term efficacy of existing cancer drugs by inhibiting nongenetic mechanisms of cancer drug resistance.

    • TOLREMO therapeutics AG
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    Actym Therapeutics’ breakthrough platform addresses intractable immune pathways in the tumor microenvironment.

    • Actym Therapeutics, Inc.
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    Sobi is an integrated biopharmaceutical company with capabilities throughout the value chain and a strong track record of commercializing medications in complex markets. While Sobi continues to develop a sustainable research and development base, its proven value-driven platform for launching products for rare diseases offers potential partners strengths in the field. Sobi is looking for opportunities to inlicense late-stage biologics

    • Sobi
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    The government-funded Korea Drug Development Fund is helping support the investment, nurture and development of some of the most promising drugs in Korea. Many of the advanced programs are now looking for partnerships.

    • Korea Drug Development Fund
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    Based on its proprietary ADAPT tissue-engineering technology, Admedus is developing an expanding portfolio of next-generation 3D tissue products for cardiovascular repair. The products will expand its range of durable bioscaffolds, which have achieved 10 years without calcification or degradation.

    • Admedus


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