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Volume 12 Issue 1, March 2018

Volume 12 Issue 1

In this issue...

Spotlight on oncology: a trend analysis of the value, volume and development stage of deals shaping the current landscape

Cover image: Dividing cancer cell. wildpixel, Thinkstock.

Spotlight on oncology


  • News Feature |

    Oncology is currently the leading area for dealmaking, driven by immuno-oncology, which accounted for 32 of the 35 multibillion-dollar oncology licensing deals of the last five years. In this feature, authors at Clarivate Analytics explore the recent trends in oncology deals.

    • Jamie Munro
    • Helen Dowden
  • Profiles

  • Advertisement Feature |

    ImmuneOncia Therapeutics is developing antibodies that target novel immune checkpoints, which could enhance drug efficacy when used in combination with agents that block PD-1 or PD-L1.

    • ImmuneOncia Therapeutics
  • Advertisement Feature |

    Carrick Therapeutics is collaborating with a network of researchers and partners to build an innovative portfolio of first-in-class treatments that target multiple mechanisms of the most aggressive forms of cancer.

    • Carrick Therapeutics
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    Halozyme is pioneering therapies that remodel the tumor microenvironment to increase accessibility for chemotherapies, immuno-oncology agents, and innate immune cells. Halozyme is developing pegvorhyaluronidase alfa (PEGPH20) to treat pancreatic and other solid tumors.

    • Halozyme
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    Mitra Biotech is advancing CANscript, a fully human, clinically validated, ex vivo platform for oncology drug programs. Mitra is looking to expand its broad network of pharma and biotech collaborators to further advance promising oncology candidates to and through the clinic.

    • Mitra Biotech
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    Arquer Diagnostics is developing a series of innovative, non-invasive tests for cancer and recently launched ADXBLADDER, a reliable urine test for bladder cancer.

    • Arquer Diagnostics


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