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Volume 10 Issue 2, April 2016

Volume 10 Issue 2

MedTech Dealmakers

• Advanced sequencing technologies facilitate precision medicine

• Dealing in diagnostics

• Drug delivery: Hunting for innovative technologies

• Can digital health reshape disease management?

Cover image: Multi-coloured DNA sequence. Wavebreakmedia Ltd, Thinkstock

Precision medicine


  • Profiles

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    The Antibody Lab is focused on improving screening for preeclampsia during pregnancy and is seeking strategic partners to change the current risk-assessment paradigm.

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    Coyote Biosciences has developed a range of miniaturized, portable and battery-powered molecular diagnostics instruments that provide point-of-care testing solutions—from detecting infectious diseases to profiling cancer—for health care providers and patients globally.

Dealing in diagnostics

Drug delivery

Digital health


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    After a slow arrival, digital advances in health care are now progressing rapidly. Boosted by a $4.5 billion investment in 2015, the digital health market is now seeing the development of a wave of wearable and mobile technologies to monitor, control and collect data on many of today’s diseases.

    • Nick Taylor


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