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  • For centuries, women’s health has been neglected across science, medicine and technology. A new report from the World Economic Forum suggests tackling this could unlock a $1 trillion economic boost with the potential to change the lives of 3.9 billion women.

    • Kelle Moley
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  • Vasomune Therapeutics has brought together decades of academic research to create a clinical-stage candidate for the treatment of diseases associated with vascular dysfunction, particularly pathogen-induced acute respiratory-distress syndrome.

    • Vasomune Therapeutics, Inc.
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  • By coupling its expertise, scale, and technologies with those of like-minded biopharma partners GSK is striving to make a real difference for patients.

    • GSK Business Development
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  • Genialis is the RNA biomarker company; it espouses a people-first approach to machine learning–driven biomarker discovery. For targeted therapies to benefit the most patients possible, Genialis develops predictive biomarkers to guide treatment decisions. The company’s next-generation biomarkers work for real patients by informing targeted treatment decisions for better outcomes.

    • Genialis, Inc.
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  • The commercial success of second-generation radiopharmaceuticals in oncology has re-ignited interest in this modality, resulting in a surge of dealmaking and increased venture financing for companies in the field.

    • Brianne Sullivan
    • Andrew Davis
    • Peter Bak
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  • MimiVax, Inc. is developing immunotherapeutic vaccines and targeted therapies for treating cancers and preventing recurrence. The company’s lead agent, SurVaxM, targets survivin, a cell-survival protein expressed in cancer cells.

    • MimiVax, Inc.
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  • Major biopharma companies are partnering with pioneers of genome-editing technologies to realize the potential of this emerging precision medicine modality.

    • Biopharma Dealmakers
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  • CRISPR QC’s chip platform-enabling efficiency that aims to power the next generation of CRISPR therapies.

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  • Venture-backed start-up MeCo Diagnostics has developed a first-in-class, clinically validated, prognostic and predictive biomarker test to enable targeted antifibrotic therapy for early-stage breast cancer patients.

    • MeCo Diagnostics
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  • Combining first-in-class delivery and engineering tools, Ensoma is developing one-time in vivo treatments that can precisely engineer any cell of the blood and immune systems to cure diseases from within.

    • Ensoma, Inc.
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  • JCR Pharmaceuticals’ unique brain-shuttling technology opens new treatment opportunities for meeting the needs of patients grappling with CNS diseases.

    • JCR Pharmaceuticals
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