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  • What types of life science enterprises are attracting venture capitalists today?

    • Gary Patou
  • Stan Crooke details the challenges in building a venture around an innovative platform and the implications for the industry going forward.

    • Stanley T Crooke
  • Building any biotech business is hard, but building one based on a new, unproven technology or approach requires special care.

    • Simcha Jong
  • Non-dilutive funding from government programs can help startups move forward.

    • David Beylin
    • Cara J Chrisman
    • Michael Weingarten
  • With careful due diligence, help from financiers and a keen eye, even small companies can grow through mergers and acquisitions.

    • Anu Acharya
  • How should you go about protecting the assets in your business?

    • Brady Huggett
  • Startup or not, your company needs to put in place a process for establishing and maintaining high-quality financial records.

    • Jim Loughmiller
    • Gary Klintworth
  • A gathering of biotech leaders in Sweden attempts to share candid opinions on the most successful strategies for building a biotech in Europe.

    • Håkon Kirkeby Buch
    • Anna C Gustafsson
    • Carl Johan Sundberg
  • In the current fund-raising environment, focusing on rapid decision making, spreading risk across several assets and introducing innovative trial designs could pay dividends for biotech entrepreneurs.

    • Mark Pykett
    • Derek Lee
  • As more startups share competitive business information in their search for partners within big pharma or biotech, what legal protections are available if their intellectual property is infringed upon?

    • Steven A Bogen
    • James M Smith
    • John L DuPré
  • A blocking patent can kill your business before it's off the ground.

    • Y Philip Zhang
  • Job security in big pharma is not what it once was. For those looking for a new challenge, a group of big company refugees recount their experience starting up a new life science venture.

    • Randall Schatzman
    • Mark Litton
    • Jeffrey Smith
  • What's involved in formally starting a biotech company?

    • Craig Shimasaki
  • Toiling away at the university, you've just made your once-in-a-lifetime discovery. Here's how to survive what comes next.

    • Renee Kaswan
  • The hardest—and perhaps loneliest—period of being an entrepreneur might be just after your company is founded.

    • Julian Bertschinger
  • When seeking a licensing partner for a product in development, market projections and strategies require substantiation. This can be provided through physician interviews.

    • Jeffrey J Stewart
    • Jeron Eaves
    • Ben Bonifant
  • You don't always have to go to venture capitalists to raise funds. Proper planning and research can help you bring in millions through other avenues.

    • John Hollway
  • In an industry with a lengthy product development timeline, capital efficiency is paramount. But successful capital-efficient strategies require a different approach to thinking, working and fundraising.

    • Justin Chakma
    • Eliot Forster
    • Thomas E Hughes
  • Preferred stock preferences bite into an entrepreneur's returns. What can you do to put venture capitalists on a diet?

    • Joel F Martin