Volume 5 Issue 5, May 2018

Volume 5 Issue 5

If a patient’s blood splashes into your eye when you are assisting in their dental treatment, what are the risks and what steps should you take? In what circumstances can a dental professional with HIV status continue practising? Does your practice have a written policy for managing sharps? Extend and refresh your knowledge on blood borne viruses with this issue’s exclusive article presenting the key facts for primary care dental teams, with one hour of CPD.

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    Lynsey Blackburn, 44, is a dental nurse in Sunderland, mother of two and passionate about oral health education.

    • Lynsey Blackburn
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    Michael R. Young explains why you should embrace CPD, personal development planning and your hard and soft skills.

    • Michael R. Young
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    An up-to-date focus on the scope of practice of one group of dental care professionals (DCPs), as described by the General Dental Council (GDC).

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    Oluseyi Latinwo RDN, MPH wrote this account of her career journey especially for BDJ Team. She is married to Adewale Latinwo (a Citrix Consultant) and together they have three children: Iretomiwa, 21, studying Economics at the University of Portsmouth; Naomi, 12 and Deborah, nine. Oluseyi enjoys spending time with her family and gardening in her leisure time.

    • Oluseyi Latinwo
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    L. Ramirez and C. Dickinson provide guidance to facilitate the treatment of some groups of wheelchair users in general dental practice.

    • L. Ramirez
    •  & C. Dickinson

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