Volume 5 Issue 3, March 2018

Volume 5 Issue 3

This March we turn our attention to managing dental patients experiencing a fit or seizure in the dental practice. This article attracts one hour of verifiable CPD, so don’t forget to visit the CPD Hub after reading it. 

In an original piece of research conducted by authors at King’s College, Dr Oluwatunmise Awojobi and colleagues investigate stakeholder views on an innovative pilot: training dental nurses in primary and secondary care concurrently. What can future training schemes learn from this pilot?

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    Emma Hammett discusses how to help someone experiencing a fit or seizure in the dental practice.

    • Emma Hammett
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    Jocelyn Harding, or Joss, has been working in dentistry for 30 years and is currently a dental hygienist at Confident Dental and Implants Centre in Stroud, Gloucestershire.

    • Jocelyn Harding
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    Does every member of your dental team know which type of waste goes in which type of bag or container? Let Lynn Woods, health and safety adviser in the BDA's compliance team, refresh your knowledge.

    • Lynn Woods

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