Volume 4 Issue 9, October 2017

Volume 4 Issue 9

Do your patients know that grazing on dried fruit is bad for the teeth? Are all sweeteners tooth-friendly? What about honey? The cover story in this issue (with one hour of CPD) breaks down all the most common types of sugars and sugar alternatives and provides general and oral health advice for you and your patients. Even if you’re already an expert on oral health education, it’s useful revision.

We also feature a guide to acute allergic reaction; a spotlight on upcoming changes to CPD requirements; and we meet DCPs Ruth Potterton and Paula Ennis.


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    There is a lot of confusion among the general public around sugar, sweeteners, ‘no added sugar’, ‘naturally occurring sugars’, ‘free sugars’ and sugar alternatives such as Xylitol. We commissioned Elaine Gardner of the British Dietetic Association [the other BDA!] to sort fact from fiction and provide advice that you can share with your patients on the effects of sugars and alternative sugars on general and oral health

    • Elaine Gardner
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    Few people planning trips abroad consider a dental check-up before they go, says Sandra Grieve.1 What help and advice can dental professionals provide?

    • Sandra Grieve

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